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 MCMH August Employee of the Month: Annette Johnson

Montgomery County Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce the August Employee of the Month honor goes to Annette Johnson. Annette has worked at MCMH for 40 years. She has dedicated her entire working career to giving only the best care to everyone that comes into the hospital. She started work here as a nurse’s aide in the old hospital, and from there she furthered her career and her goal was to work only at MCMH. Annette is a welcome face in the ED. Patients come and feel very comfortable to see that she is here. She treats every patient with dignity and respect always. She encourages everyone is be positive and to support MCMH. 

 “She has dedicated her entire profession here to MCMH. Everyone looks up to her and her knowledge and experience. If you have ever seen Annette in action in the ED you would know she deserves to be recognized. She treats every patient with the kind of compassion they should be treated with (like you want your family to be treated),” said one of Annette’s co-workers.

“She has been invaluable here at MCMH for so many years! She is very dedicated to the hospital and one of the most caring nurses to every patient. Annette is so humble but deserves to be recognized,” said one of Annette’s co-workers.

“I think Annette should be our employee of the month because she is our poster child of what a nurse should be like. I admire her knowledge and skills and she passes that on to student nurses and she wants them to learn in a caring and compassionate way. I still learn something every day from her when I work and I love to listen to her advice and stories of patients she has taken care of because it always comes from her heart. She deserves this honor,” said another co-worker. 

Congratulations and thank you, Annette!

From Annette:

Thank you very much for the honor of being one of MCMH's Employees of the Month.  This hospital has been a huge part of my life for greater than 4 decades!  It is a true blessing to be employed here.  The many professionals, past and present with whom I've worked, the patients for whom I've had the honor of giving care, and the support for continuing education and professional growth from administration have made my years here rewarding and fulfilling.  Thanks again for this special recognition!