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Susie Shetterly Employee of the Month

 ?Susie is a fabulous employee, she has been a housekeeper for 19 years. I believe as a loyal employee that in itself deserves recognition. She is always cheerful and helpful. She is a caring, loving person and a huge motivator. Her work ethic is amazing. She comes to work early to evaluate and plan her day and has cleaned units or made sure loose ends are tied up so our day doesn’t start off too rocky. She never misses work and had to work alone when the flu bug hit our department. She has changed her schedule to allow someone else to have a day off they may need. She literally works circles around the rest of us and leaves us in stitches while doing so. She is a great role model to everyone in the housekeeping department. She is very conscientious of the patients needs and requests. She does a great job of cleaning every room very thoroughly and efficiently. Susie has worked here 19 years and has never missed a day of work. Her great attitude and happiness is infectious to coworkers, patients, and visitors. We are lucky to have her as a coworker and blessed to have her as a team member at MCMH!

“I am honored to be employee of the month. We take pride in the work we do, cleaning rooms and talking with the patients to make them feel more comfortable. We are the employees behind the scenes so its nice to be recognized. I am happy to come to work to because of the people I work with. We try to make it an enjoyable and rewarding place to work.”  Susie Shetterly


Ovarian Cancer Presentation April 9, 2015

Ovarian Cancer, The Silent Killer, "Breaking the Silence" is the name of a presentation by Jill Ferry, RN, MPAS, PAC.  Jill is a practicing Physician Assistant in Harlan.  She will present the story of Nadine Kenkel who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer and bravely fought the battle for four years.  Nadine wanted to educate women about the silent killer.  Nadine asked Jill to continue her education mission when she was no longer able to do it.  Nadine passed this past year and Jill has taken up the mission to educate women about Ovarian Cancer.  The presentation will be April 9th from 5 pm to 6:30 pm in the Conference Center at MCMH.  Call 712-623-7268 for reservations.