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Kristy Parde Employee of Month

Kristy Parde is very deserving of the EOM honor. She has received a nomination several different months from different co-workers. Kristy is a unit secretary and does a phenomenal job. She is always pleasant and willing to get right onboard with physician orders and the mountains of paperwork required for our patients to receive the best care possible. Kristy is very self-ddriven which is displayed through her efficiency, accuracy and time-management skills. She is always willing to help other units as they need it and will check with them when she is caught up with the orders on her own unit. She also plans ahead for possible dismissals or transfers by getting as much paperwork done ahead of time as possible. She is respectful and kind to everyone she encounters. She also orients all new nurses to computer order entry with kindness and patience. The day is always better when Kristy is around! We are truly blessed to have Kristy on our MCMH team. Thank you Kristy for all that you do for us!! We truly appreciate it!

November is Diabetes Awareness Month

During November, MCMH is offering hemoglobin A1C tests for only $10.  Simply come to the lab, fill out a form and have your blood drawn.  No fasting necessary for this blood test.  On November 25th, MCMH will present a free program on Diabetes.  Diabetic educators Marsha Bierbaum and Becki Franks will present information that everyone should know about diabetes.  The program will be held in Stanton at the Viking Center starting at 11:30 with free appetizers.  The program will be repeated at 5:00 pm in the MCMH Conference Center.  Call 712-623-7268 to register.