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The MCMH Laboratory is a full service lab which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using state-of-the-art equipment to help provide quality inpatient and outpatient services. Through these tests, we are able to assist in diagnosing a wide variety of diseases, as well as monitoring medication therapy. Stacey Sundberg is the department head and has 10 employees in her department that perform more than 7,000 tests per month.

The usefulness of laboratory data in making clinical judgements depends upon prompt, accurate reporting of results. The procedure to generate a result consists of a series of steps or processes. A knowledgeable understanding of each of these critical processes enables our technologists to achieve near-optimal conditions and further improve the accuracy and precision of each measurement.

Collection and handling, verification of patient identification, and specimen processing prior to analysis are given prime consideration. Validity of the data obtained from the specimen is highly dependent upon the excellence of laboratory staff technique, including proper operation of equipment, use of high-quality supplies, adherence to a rigid quality control program and careful attention to detail.

The laboratory continually updates its technology to such a degree that we take a great deal of pride in being self-sufficient. We have the ability to ensure our own quality and provide prompt patient care.

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