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The MCMH Radiology Department provides a wide variety of services to Montgomery County and surrounding communities. Many techniques are used to provide physicians with information about their patients including: diagnostic radiology, MRI, nuclear medicine, CT scans, ultrasound, teleradiography, bone densitometry and digital mammography.

The department works with Radiologists from Heartland Imaging Specialists group, and is staffed by MCMH radiology technicians and support staff.

Digital Imaging

A digital environment enables MCMH to serve our patients better. Patient information and diagnostic studies are securely stored electronically. For our patients, a digital record translates to faster care and peace of mind. For our staff, a digital environment enables them to work more efficiently. Digital information is available at the right time and at the right place.

Picture Archiving and Communication Systems

MCMH implemented technology for our picture archiving and communication system (PACS), a digital environment for the hospital. Traditional film x-rays are replaced with digital records that include studies and diagnostic data. Unlike a film environment, PACS enables the secure transmission and storage of records. Physicians and technologists can securely access information on demand. Studies are available anywhere, anytime. With a digital image, clinicians can rotate, magnify and compare studies online, which leads to a faster, more accurate diagnosis.

Computed Radiography

The Computed Radiography (CR) system quickly produces and manages digital images. The CR manages data from throughout the hospital and quickly produces high-quality digital images. Specifically designed, CR ensures images and reports are available at the right place and the right time.

Digital Radiography

The digital radiography system is designed to improve workflow while being patient-and-clinician friendly. Multiple exams can be conducted without moving the patient. The flat panel technology means the equipment can be brought to the patient. For individuals in a wheelchair or on a gurney, this means increased comfort and faster exams. For clinicians, this intuitive technology means fewer retakes, faster examinations and integration with the digital environment.


The Radiology Information System (RIS) streamlines all information into a central resource. Radiology registration, scheduling, tracking, image management and transcription are housed in one electronic system. This central resource for information gives clinicians access to the information they need. Patient information, including historical information, is available with the click of a mouse. The result: faster, more accurate information.

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