Social Service

The Social Service Department is based on the philosophy that total care of a patient involves physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. Each patient is a unique individual and is treated accordingly. The department staff strives to help create an environment in which the optimum level of functioning is available for the patient, both in the hospital and after discharge. Active participation and decision-making by the patient and family is encouraged and is recognized in developing the most effective plan. Patient autonomy and self-determination are encouraged. The Social Service Department is strongly committed to delivery of optimal, quality patient care.

Primary functions of the Social Service Department include:

  • Discharge planning.
  • Attending to psychosocial needs of inpatients and outpatients.
  • Brief crisis-oriented and supportive counseling.
  • Emergency Department social work.
  • Lifeline program management.
  • Home Health and Hospice social work.

In an average month, the department plans 40 to 50 patient discharges, makes 8 to 10 home health and hospice visits, and has 8 to 10 Lifeline installations and home visits.

Social Services