What is Balanced Bumps?

Balanced Bumps is a wellness program designed to assist women into motherhood. Throughout the pre-pregnancy, prenatal and postpartum stages of pregnancy, we will focus on your fitness, nutrition and mindset. MCMH + Clinics is dedicated to actively working to improve the health of the women of Southwest Iowa. The Balanced Bumps program is available to the women in our service area who are seeking a healthy pregnancy and a positive recovery through their postpartum transition. Ask your provider for a referral today!

What does the Balanced Bumps Program include?

The program includes 3 one-on-one personal training phases:

  • Pre-pregnancy fitness
  • Prenatal fitness
  • Postpartum fitness

Each phase includes one personalized session with an MCMH dietitian for nutrition guidance.



Who will you be working with during the Balanced Bumps Program? 



Kaylee Focht is the Employee Wellness Coordinator at MCMH + Clinics. She has her bachelor's degree from Simpson College and has worked in health and wellness for nearly 10 years, and with MCMH + Clinics for 7 years. Kaylee is an ACE certified personal trainer and prenatal/postpartum instructor, NETA certified Wellness Coach and a Certified Lactation Consultant through the ALPP. She has worked in a variety of areas including personal training, wellness coaching, employee wellness, internal communications, marketing, and women's health focusing on lactation and prenatal and postpartum wellness. Over the years, she has developed and coordinated many wellness programs and initiatives to benefit MCMH employees and the surrounding communities.