Live Well Montgomery County


All people living in Montgomery County will have equal access to resources necessary to achieve optimal wellness.


Engaging our community to improve the optimal wellness of all people living in Montgomery County.


Live Well Montgomery County is a group of stakeholders that work collaboratively to assess needs, provide education and fill gaps that exist related to the intellectual, financial, emotional, environmental, physical, occupational, spiritual and social needs of the people living in our community. Our goal is to increase community support systems, volunteerism and usage of community resources to address the optimal wellness needs of all members of our community.

In 2014 Live Well Montgomery County adopted our Vision and Mission Statements; and By-Laws. LWMC is a 501(3)c non-profit, tax exempt organization with the goal to educate, sponsor events and provide opportunities for people in regard to health and wellness.

LWMC partners closely with Montgomery County Memorial Hospital, Montgomery County Family YMCA, Community School Districts, Red Oak Farmers Market and a variety of county business and industry groups.

Some of the initiatives Live Well Montgomery County has supported, organized and promoted over the years have included:

Community & Kids Garden
Walking School Bus in both Red Oak and Villisca
5K Fun Runs through the community
Healthy eating and life style initiatives
Smoking Cessation Programs
Farmers Market Sponsorship

The goals and programs of LWMC depend on people like you with a passion for your community and we are so grateful for all of our volunteers.

Want to get involved with Live Well Montgomery County?

For more information, contact Laura Kloewer at (712)623-6491 or