MCMH is pleased to offer Tele-Perinatology services in partnership with Methodist Hospital Perinatal Center in Omaha, Nebraska. Patients will visit the radiology department at MCMH and via tele-health, will see a maternal-fetal medicine physician from Methodist Hospital Perinatal Center.

The three providers working with MCMH to provide this service are:

Brendan "Dan" Connealy, MD
Joshua Dahlke, MD
Robert Bonebrake, MD

Using tele-health technology, the perinatologist can view both the patient and the ultrasound in real time.

We are excited to offer this service at MCMH to patients in the surrounding area to help save on travel time and expenses. If you have patients that have been referred to the Methodist Hospital Perinatal Center, their follow-up visits may be able to be done via tele-health. This can save a costly and burdensome drive into the city.

To schedule an appointment or to make a referral, please call the Methodist Hospital Perinatal Center at 402-815-1970.