MCMH Auxiliary

Photo slideshow of woman standing with library book cart, three women holding up blanket,

MCMH Gift Shop staff riding in car, and two auxiliary members

The Montgomery County Memorial Hospital Auxiliary is a nonprofit organization providing volunteer services for patients, staff and visitors. Over 150 active and sustaining members contribute more than 11,000 hours of service each year. Since its beginning in 1961, the Auxiliary has raised over $886,000 for hospital equipment and projects.

Services offered by the MCMH Auxiliary include mail delivery, providing book cart services, giving visitor information, operating the Lemon Tree gift shop, flower delivery, cafeteria assistance, courier delivery and vending machines services.

Auxiliary projects have included through the years the annual benefit dinner/dance, the Lemon Tree's Christmas Preview, Linen Sales, employee appreciation events and help staffing the MCMH booth at the Montgomery County Fair.

The MCMH Auxiliary is always looking for new members! For only $5, you can become an active member and participate in a variety of projects, including: Christmas Preview, Cafeteria Hostess, Lemon Tree, Courier Service, Library Cart, Patient Mail and Serenity Gardens!

Please help spread the word and stop by the Lemon Tree Gift Shop at Montgomery County Memorial Hospital to Sign Up!

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To become a volunteer, call:
Laura Kloewer