MCMH Foundation

photo slideshow of people playing golf, MCMH hospital staff, and two staff members standing next to hospital bed

The Montgomery County Memorial Hospital Foundation was established to help the hospital meet its goal of providing modern health care services for area residents. The MCMH Foundation is a non-profit organization. Its main purpose is to seek financial gifts to help fund hospital programs and equipment.

The MCMH Foundation is the people's response to the challenges brought about by medical progress. Positive change requires an investment in the future, and a gift to the MCMH Foundation is an investment in our community's quality of life now-and in the years to come.

The MCMH Foundation encourages many types of gifts, including:

Annual gifts
Wills and bequests
Memorial gifts
Major individual gifts
General contribution

Contact Us

The MCMH Foundation is the investment center for advancing health care in the Montgomery County area. If you would like more information regarding the MCMH Foundation, contact Laura Kloewer at 712-623-6491.