The Orthopedic Center

Patients of all ages can be affected by orthopedic issues. Whether you are in need of surgery for an orthopedic problem, or rehabilitation after an orthopedic surgery or injury, the physicians and rehabilitation professionals at Montgomery County Memorial Hospital can help. Montgomery County Memorial Hospital offers complete orthopedic care from start to finish, including clinic office visits, surgery, and physical therapy.

Network of Care

Our hospital partners with Miller Orthopedic Specialists, one of the premier orthopedic practices in the Midwest. Miller Orthopedic's board-certified orthopedic surgeons see patients at Montgomery County Memorial Hospital and offer complete orthopedic care. Should you find yourself in the hospital with an injury that requires orthopedic expertise, Miller Orthopedic providers will be a major part of your care. If you need orthopedic surgery, you can trust that Miller Orthopedic surgeons and other physicians and providers at Montgomery County Memorial Hospital will work together to deliver the best care possible. We see patients here Monday-Friday except under unusual circumstances, all surgeries performed here in Red Oak.

Montgomery County Memorial Hospital specializes in:
• Neck & Spine
• Shoulder & Elbow
• Hand & Wrist
• Hip & Knee
• Foot & Ankle
• Sports Medicine
• Total Joint Replacement

To schedule an appointment, call (712)623-7270.

Swingbed Program

The Montgomery County Memorial Hospital Swing Bed Program is a hospital-based skilled-care program designed to help you if you are no longer in need of acute care in a hospital, but still need more rehabilitation before you return home.

Even if you have received inpatient care or surgery at another hospital, you can choose Montgomery County Memorial Hospital for swing bed care.

Benefits of the Montgomery County Memorial Hospital Swing Bed Program

Recovery is in a safe and secure environment, close to home.

Skilled nurses and physicians are available 24 hours a day.

Access to health care specialists, including: physical therapists, respiratory therapists, and dieticians.

Discharge planning services to arrange for Home Health therapies, nursing, supportive care and other services you may need when you return home.

Coordinated team services are provided to help address nutrition, pain and medical management while your strength and function improves enough to return home.