Population Health

Population Health has many definitions. Here at Montgomery County Memorial Hospital, we have developed three programs to improve the health of our county's population. They are:

Employee Wellness
Community Wellness
Elder Wellness

Community Wellness at Montgomery County Memorial Hospital has many program options to promote health and wellness in our service area:

Community Connection
Medically Referred Exercise Training (MRET)
Nutrition Coaching (IBT)
MCMH Wellness Walkway
Balanced Bumps (Pre-pregnancy, Pre-natal, Post-partum and Lactation Programs)

Health Fairs
Free Immunization Clinics
Food Insecurity Initiatives

To help accomplish our goals of improving community health, we work with Live Well Montgomery County, which is a partnership of 13 organizations all dedicated to the same goal. Click here to take you to the Live Well Montgomery County page. The Montgomery County Memorial Hospital Population Health Program works within this comprehensive, county-wide program to spread awareness and accomplish the community health goals of our population.

For more information on our Population Health programs, call (712) 623-7268!