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                       Norma pictured with Kerry Schafer, Nurse Manager

                    Norma Kingery, Employee of the Month

Montgomery County Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce the May Employee of the Month honor goes to R.N., Norma Kingery. Although MCMH is well known for excellent patient care, Norma Kingery sets an exemplary role model for all to follow; MCMH employees and SWCC students alike.

Without words of complaint, Norma diligently and routinely goes to bat for MCMH patients. She works behind the scenes on their behalf. Norma effortlessly and automatically goes to work placing herself mentally in MCMH patients' shoes. She provides holistic care towards the benefit and well-being of all MCMH patients, even patients who are not directly assigned to her care. Her empathy, kindness, and compassion are unmatched!

Norma is an intelligent, patient instructor for her SWCC students as well. She provides an even keel and firm foundation for students to develop their classroom knowledge and skills into careers of lifelong caring for humanity. Norma is a true blessing to all and embodies the spirit of MCMH while supporting the MCMH motto: Quality care with dignity, compassion and respect. Every person. Every time."

 “When I began my nursing career Norma was my instructor and she demonstrated the most amazing amount of patience for all of her new students. As a student, I assisted her in delivering a baby before the physician arrived, she did it with skill and as a student I was nervous but she remained calm. Her love of her job and the ability to teach others was one of the reasons I chose to stay with MCMH after graduation. After graduation Norma became a mentor and continued to be available when I had questions,” states an MCMH employee. The employee continues to say, “now Norma continues to be amazing. She is so flexible changing her schedule when needed. After she took over the weekend Charge Nurse she arrives to the different departments to check on how we are doing, if she is called she tries to send help or comes down herself to enter orders. Norma has a way of making everyone feel respected and emphasizing that the services we perform matter.

Congratulations and thank you, Norma!