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 MCMH September Employee of the Month: Deb Haynie

Deb Haynie is very responsible, dependable, reliable and super fun to work with. If you  ever have the need to be in the hospital you are blessed to have this gal take care of you. She is consistent in the level of care and    compassion she provides for each and every patient and upholds the values we at MCMH and the community hold dear. I am somewhat biased as a co-worker and friend and love her dearly!! There is no one kinder than she is to her patients. She is also thorough with her work & leaves nothing undone. Her patients really appreciate her. She is also, respectful in her attitude and behavior to those who are in authority over her and is very much appreciated by all who work with her. Patients love the attention she lavishes on them at bedtime. You can bet if Deb was here each and every patient got a backrub. I can ask her for assistance and she is right at my side even if she was busy. She is someone who goes over the top to make our patients 100% satisfied. Deb is very kind, patient and compassionate with our patients and she              understands that patients come first. She is flexible with helping others care for patients. I have had at least 3 patients comment on how helpful she was and made their stay better here at MCMH. One patient said she was having really bad pain and that Deb gave her a back rub while the nurse was getting pain medication. This patient said how it really helped take her mind off the pain and relax more. Deb is a great team player and always volunteers to help others after her tasks are completed. She is also kind and caring to her fellow employee's whether it's a shoulder to lean on or buying peanut butter for staff and bring homemade goodies from home. It is a honor to work with Deb when I get to work with her.