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Pictured Left to Right: Kris Williams, Surgery Manager, and David Abercrombie, MCMH CEO

                               Kris Williams, Employee of the Month

Montgomery County Memorial Hospital is pleased to announce the July Employee of the Month honor goes to Kris Williams. Kris has been an amazing addition to MCMH. She has brought with her a plethora of nursing knowledge and experience as well as being a great person, friend and manager. She has helped us improve our surgery department, equipment and procedures. Kris is always helpful and willing to help wherever needed.

“Kris Williams is a very honest and helpful nurse. We are all blessed to have her in our department. She has one of the biggest hearts, she is always checking in on us to make sure we are all doing ok at work or in our home lives,” said one of Kris’ co-workers. She has brought so much knowledge to our hospital during her time here. We have grown so much since she had joined up here at MCMH. I think she is more than deserving to be employee of the month.”

“Kris really cares about us, motivates us and encourages us to be our best,” said another co-worker, “we couldn’t ask for a better leader.”

Congratulations and thank you, Kris!

From Kris:

I am very honored to be Montgomery County Memorial Hospital’s July 2015 employee of the month. It is a blessing to work in a place where you belong to a community of faithful servants that seek the best for their patients and their families. I work with extraordinary people here at the Montgomery County Memorial Hospital. They wield many tools-laptops, scalpels, syringes, mops, and brooms but behind these tools, and beneath the scrubs and different uniforms you will find staff who are determined, generous, spirited, and proud. I am honored to be a part of that community. Montgomery County Memorial Hospital is continually making progress to increase services to the citizens and surrounding areas to allow the greatest health care. I am excited to watch us grow, embrace new and different skills, and develop quality improvements right here in our local community. Thank you for this honor.