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Stacey Sundberg Employee of Month

Stacey Sundberg may be behind the scenes at MCMH but she fills a very important role. She currently serves as the Department Manager of the Laboratory and has worked in the Lab for over a decade. Stacey spent many hours studying to pass her MT Boards to become a Lab Technologist, which allowed her the opportunity to become Lab Manager. Even after she accepted the position as Lab Manager she continues to hold the responsibilities of a Lead Tech. All the while Stacey has done a great job guiding the Lab staff to an excellent CLIA inspection with no deficiencies. Just one of the tasks she completed to prepare for this inspection was reviewing and updating hundreds of policies and procedures to meet compliance standards. I know that she spent many hours of her personal time to accomplish this task. Stacey deserves great respect for all her hard work and is very deserving of the Employee of the Month honor. Many thanks to Stacey!

"I came to MCMH 13 years ago when my family moved back home. In those 13 years I have served as a Generalist, Hematology and Microbiology bench lead, Lead Tech, and now Laboratory Manager.

MCMH has given me remarkable opportunities to excel and lead the Laboratory department into excellence. The internal support that MCMH has is superior and second to none.

My deepest gratitude to any and all who may have nominated and/or chosen me to be the October Employee of the Month, it is truly an honor to be part of this MCMH family!" Stacey Sundberg.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

When was your last mammogram? October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. MCMH encourages women age 40 and over to get that mammogram.  MCMH was one of the first in southwest Iowa to use Digital Mammography for a clearer image. The use of mammo pads during the mammogram allows for a more comfortable experience. Call 712-623-7164 to schedule your mammogram today.