Wound/Ostomy Clinic

photo slideshow of nurse and patient, and member of wound clinic staff

The Wound Clinic at Montgomery County Memorial Hospital in Red Oak, Iowa treats, assesses and makes recommendations involving difficult to treat wounds and ostomy care issues with a referral from your physician.

A majority of wounds heal without problems or interventions. Proper cleaning and bandaging usually yields a good result. However, occasionally wounds get "stuck" and fail to respond to care. Treatment of chronic wounds or wounds that do not heal is not a simple course and one type of treatment does not work for all patients. Certain factors can also affect or delay healing such as medications, nutrition, and disease like diabetes or vascular insufficiency. By assessing all of these factors proper treatment can be implemented including wound vac dressing changes, surgical incisions and open wounds. At the Wound Clinic you can expect accurate assessments, recommendations and timely treatment by a certified wound care nurse to assist with your wound healing.

The MCMH wound clinic is operated on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays weekly from 9 to 2pm. You may contact Naomi Tompkins, BSN, RN, CWCN at 712-623-6705 for appointments.