Who are the MCMH + Clinics Board of Trustees?

Montgomery County Memorial Hospital + Clinics is an independent, county owned Critical Access Hospital governed by seven publicly elected trustees. The Board of Trustees at MCMH + Clinics plays a vital role in guiding the organization's strategic direction and ensuring its continued success. Committed to serving the community, these dedicated individuals volunteer their time, expertise, and passion to support the hospital's mission and make decisions that positively impact its operation and future. Their unwavering dedication to the organization and the community fosters a culture of compassion, innovation, and patient-centered care. The value of their volunteerism is immeasurable, as they work tirelessly to ensure the well-being and quality of healthcare services provided by MCMH + Clinics.


Public Meetings:

Public meetings are held the last Wednesday of each month unless otherwise published. Meeting agendas and minutes are available using the links below. A zoom link is now available for board meetings. See Meetings Agendas for more information.

MCMH + Clinics Board Meeting Agendas  

June 2024 Agenda

May 2024 Agenda

April 2024 Agenda

March 2024 Agenda

March 2024 Board Meeting Date Change

February 2024 Agenda

January 2024 Agenda

January Saturday Strategy Session 2024 Agenda

MCMH + Clinics Board Meeting Minutes 

May 2024 Minutes

April 2024 Minutes

March 2024 Minutes

February 2024 Minutes

January 2024 Minutes

 Quorum Notices  

May 2024 Quorum Notice

May 2024 Quorum Notice

May 2024 Quorum Notice

March 2024 Quroum Notice


If you would like to see the minutes from a previous MCMH Board of Trustees meeting that are not available here, please contact Heather Huddle at (712) 623-7141.