Welcome to the new MCMH Pharmacy

Montgomery County Memorial Hospital + Clinics (MCMH) is excited to announce the acquisition of Red Oak Pharmacy & Medicap Pharmacy, leading to the creation of the new "MCMH Pharmacy." Our goal is to improve community health with every prescription, every time. 

What to Expect at the new MCMH Pharmacy

  • Familiar Faces & Same Great Services: You can expect the same great service you trust with familiar faces behind the counter!
  • Everyone is Welcome: You don't have to be an MCMH patient to use our pharmacy. Everyone is welcome!
  • More Convenience: Enjoy expanded financial assistance options, additional delivery routes, and the hassle-free "Meds to Beds" program for hospital stays.
  • Easy Prescription Refills: Refill prescriptions with ease through our online app or speak with an associate over a simple phone call.
  • Retail Essentials: Discover a wide range of over-the-counter health and wellness products at our pharmacy, making it a convenient one-stop shop for your healthcare needs.
  • Opening Winter 2023! Stay tuned for more details.



Where will the MCMH Pharmacy be located?

The new MCMH Pharmacy's retail location will be at 600 Senate Ave, Red Oak, IA, which is the current Medicap Pharmacy location. The MCMH Pharmacy plans to offer additional pharmacy related services at the previous Red Oak Pharmacy location. 

Do I have to be an MCMH Patient to Use the MCMH Pharmacy?

Absolutely not! Everyone, no matter where you doctor, can use the MCMH Pharmacy. MCMH patients can expect to see additional benefits from using the MCMH Pharmacy, such as faster prescription service, thanks to the instant connection with your doctor & pharmacist through our shared medical record system.

What are things we can look forward to?

Our commitment to serve our customers will include new financial assistance options and expanded delivery routes. If you have stayed with us in the hospital, you can look forward to an easier discharge process with our "Meds to Beds" program; your prescription will be in your hands or ready in the drive-through when you discharge! We will also offer expanded vaccine options and clinics, that will allow for more convenience and improved copays. 

How do I refill my prescription?

The MCMH Pharmacy will have an easy online refill option, or you can call in and talk to one of our friendly staff! We will text you when your prescription is ready for pick up.

Will you still have a retail and over-the-counter section?

Yes! We will continue to offer a wide array of retail over-the-counter products to meet your health and wellness needs.

What time will the pharmacy be open?

Our hours will be Monday-Friday from 8:30 am – 6:00 pm, Saturday from 8:30 am - 1:00 pm.

Will the MCMH Pharmacy offer any kind of delivery service directly to MCMH + Clinics?

Yes! MCMH Pharmacy is currently working on a variety of initiatives that will help to get prescriptions to the MCMH Campus for both patients and staff. Please stay tuned for more details! 

When is the MCMH Pharmacy Opening?

We are planning for winter of 2023 – stay tuned for more details! Until then, Red Oak Pharmacy & Medicap Pharmacy will continue operating in each location.

To learn more please check out the MCMH Pharmacy Press release!