Hospital Pharmacy Services at MCMH + Clinics

The Hospital Pharmacy at MCMH + Clinics plays a vital role in supporting our inpatients by providing essential pharmaceutical services. Our dedicated team of hospital pharmacists and trained pharmacy technicians collaborates closely with healthcare providers to address complex clinical medication management issues. The pharmacy exclusively serves hospitalized and infusion center patients, ensuring their medication needs are met efficiently.

Ensuring Patient Safety and Accuracy

To enhance patient safety and minimize medication errors, all medications dispensed through the hospital pharmacy require a written order from a physician. Before leaving the pharmacy, each medication undergoes a meticulous verification process by a hospital pharmacist. This involves checking for patient allergies, potential drug interactions, and appropriate dosages. These rigorous procedures are implemented to enhance patient safety and prevent medication-related complications.

Specialized Rooms for Intravenous Medications

Our hospital pharmacy boasts specialized rooms that adhere to federal standards for the preparation of intravenous (IV) medications. These include an ante room for gathering supplies, a positive pressure room used to create IV fluids like antibiotics, and a negative pressure room dedicated to preparing chemotherapy for cancer patients.

Pharmacists on Staff: 

  • Sherstin Willyard, Director of Pharmacy Operations, Pharmacist
  • Molly Miner, Pharmacist
  • Sara Orme, Pharmacist