Wound & Ostomy at MCMH + Clinics

The Wound Clinic at Montgomery County Memorial Hospital in Red Oak, Iowa treats, assesses, and makes recommendations involving difficult to manage wounds and ostomy care issues with a referral from your physician.

Wound Care

Most wounds heal without problems. Proper cleaning and bandaging usually yields a good result. However, occasionally wounds get “stuck” and fail to respond to care. Certain factors can delay healing such as medications, nutrition, and disease like diabetes. By assessing all of these factors, proper treatment can be implemented. At the Wound Ostomy Clinic, you can expect accurate assessments, recommendations, and timely treatment to assist wound healing.

Ostomy Care

An ostomy involves part of the bowel or urinary system being brought to the abdomen and diverted into a “bag”. Many times, disease or cancer can necessitate an ostomy. Patients can endure a difficult time accepting the procedure and learning how to care for the ostomy itself. By selecting the appropriate appliances and learning proper techniques in care, the transition can be improved. Contact the Wound Ostomy Clinic to learn basic techniques, problem solve, and to find out about new products for ostomies.