David Clark, CRNA

Nurse Anesthesiologist


David Clark, CRNA is an Iowa native born and raised in central Iowa. He attended Graceland University for his undergraduate education before joining the US Army in 1987. David received his Master of Health Science degree in anesthesia while serving in the Army from the Academy of Health Sciences that collaborated with Texas Wesleyan University. David served in the Army for 11 years before leaving for the civilian work force. He has worked in several small and large hospitals in Texas before returning to Iowa and arriving at Montgomery County Memorial Hospital. David lives in Red Oak with his wife, Shawna and they both enjoy visits with their 4 children and 7 grandchildren. David has always strived to provide safe, high quality anesthesia care to all patients in a professional work environment that values the rights and dignity of all patients.


Graceland College

US Army/Texas Wesleyan University