Michael Peters, MD



Cardiologist Michael Peters, MD, enjoys treating the whole patient.

“To me, knowing who they are becomes really important,” he said. “So I spend time in clinic and hospital settings getting to know more about them than just what’s going on with their heart.”

His patients get to know him, too. They know about his 14 fruit trees and 40-plus tomato plants, and they know when and where he’s going on vacation. Dr. Peters values that connection and communication.

“You have to be willing to share some of yourself, too,” he said.

Dr. Peters became interested in medicine as a Boy Scout, volunteering at a hospital and even observing an open-heart surgery at age 14. While in undergrad at Creighton University, he worked 32 hours a week as an EKG technician while taking a full course load. Working side by side with cardiologists led him to pursue general cardiology as a specialty.

What Dr. Peters loves most about his job is the variety.

“Every day is a new venture to me,” he said.

He’s been with the health system since 2003 and sees The Meaning of Care as Methodist’s “ability to develop a culture of people who are really, truly interested in the patient’s well-being.”

Calling physicians “medical detectives,” Dr. Peters says one of the most satisfying parts of practicing medicine is correcting a misdiagnosis.

“Those people become your patient forever,” he said. “They won’t go anywhere else. You are the one person who listened and really figured out what was wrong.”

Dr. Peters is board certified in cardiovascular disease and internal medicine. He completed medical school and residency at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and his fellowship at the Creighton University School of Medicine.

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