What is a Telestroke Program? 

A telestroke program is a specialized healthcare service that utilizes technology to connect stroke patients in remote areas with stroke specialists and experts located at a different location, typically a hospital or medical center. The program enables real-time communication and collaboration between healthcare providers and patients through various electronic means, such as videoconferencing, telephones, or secure online platforms. 

What is Telestroke at MCMH + Clinics & What Makes Our Program Special? 

Our telestroke program, in partnership with Nebraska Medicine, brings high-quality stroke care to our community. The primary goal of our tele-stroke program is to provide timely and expert care to stroke patients, regardless of their geographical location. Through telemedicine technology, stroke specialists can assess patients, review medical records and test results, and make treatment recommendations remotely. This allows for rapid diagnosis and appropriate treatment decisions, reducing the time it takes for stroke patients to receive critical interventions. 

Leaders in Stroke Care:

  • Nebraska Medicine, our valued partner, was the first nationally Certified Stroke Center in Nebraska. They have been a recognized Primary Stroke Center since 2005 and became the first Comprehensive Stroke Hospital in the state in 2017. With their expertise and experience, we ensure that you receive the best stroke care available.

Excellence Recognized:

  • Nebraska Medicine has earned the Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission, a prestigious recognition in healthcare. They have also received the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association Get with the Guidelines Stroke Performance Achievement Award and the Stroke Gold Plus Achievement with Target Elite Plus Honor Roll Award. These honors showcase their commitment to delivering exceptional stroke care.

Swift Treatment:

  • When it comes to stroke, time is of the essence. Our tele-stroke program guarantees quick access to specialized care. Nebraska Medicine's stroke-trained neurologists are available 24/7 via the InTouch Health System. They respond in less than five minutes on average, ensuring that you receive immediate attention.

Comprehensive Stroke Team:

  • Our stroke program is led by a comprehensive team of physicians, including neurology vascular specialists, neuro-hospitalists, neuro-intensivists, and fellowship-trained endovascular neurosurgeons. This multidisciplinary approach ensures that you receive comprehensive care tailored to your specific needs.

Enhancing Stroke Care Through Telemedicine:

  • Telestroke is the use of electronic communication methods to exchange medical information specifically for stroke care. Our telestroke network utilizes high-quality videoconferencing and digital imaging capabilities, such as CT scans, to enhance the care of acute stroke patients. This technology allows for immediate one-on-one physical assessments and recommendations from our stroke-trained neurologists, ensuring prompt and accurate treatment decisions.

Improving Quality of Care:

  • Our telestroke program aims to decrease door-to-needle time in acute ischemic stroke treatment, ultimately improving the quality of care and patient outcomes. Additionally, our supportive consulting services provide guidance to emergency department physicians in complex cases, treatment decisions, and transfer recommendations.

By choosing the MCMH + Clinics Advanced Primary Stroke Center tele-stroke program, you can trust that you will receive exceptional stroke care, backed by the expertise of Nebraska Medicine, right at your doorstep.