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MCMH Auxiliary Supports Montgomery County Memorial Hospital with a Generous Donation for Enhanced Patient Care in Emergency Department.

June 23, 2023

The Montgomery County Memorial Hospital Auxiliary is proud to announce their recent donation of $17,000 to Montgomery County Memorial Hospital + Clinics. The donation, presented during the annual May Breakfast, will be utilized for the acquisition of a state-of-the-art Stryker Zoom Stretcher for the Emergency Department.

The Stryker Zoom Stretcher represents a significant advancement in patient care technology, specifically designed to meet the needs of both patients and caregivers. With a weight capacity of 700 pounds, the stretcher ensures enhanced comfort for larger patients. Its motorized drive system minimizes strenuous pushing and pulling, reducing the risk of injuries among caregivers. The innovative zoom system allows for seamless movement control, enabling caregivers to maneuver the stretcher with minimal effort. The drive handles offer adjustable speed settings, providing flexibility and adaptability in various emergency situations.

Teresa Jennings, the MCMH + Clinics Emergency Department Manager, expressed her enthusiasm for the new addition, stating, "The Stryker Zoom Stretcher will be a game-changer for our staff and patients alike. Its advanced features, such as the recovery position and built-in scale, will significantly improve our ability to provide efficient and accurate care. The comfort-enhancing IsoFex mattress, with its gel area, will ensure optimal support and minimize discomfort during patient transport and repositioning. We are immensely grateful to the MCMH Auxiliary for their generous support.”

The MCMH Auxiliary has been instrumental in supporting the hospital's mission since its establishment in 1961. Comprising over 150 active and sustaining members, the Auxiliary contributes more than 11,000 hours of volunteer service annually. Through their remarkable efforts, the Auxiliary has raised over 1 million dollars to fund essential hospital equipment and projects.

In addition to their donation initiatives, the MCMH Auxiliary actively engages in numerous community-oriented activities. Operating the Lemon Tree Gift Shop, organizing employee appreciation events, running the book cart for patients, volunteering in the cafeteria, and offering annual scholarships for local seniors entering healthcare-related fields are just a few examples of their diverse contributions.

If you share a passion for helping others and aspire to make a difference in your community, the MCMH Auxiliary invites you to join their dedicated team of volunteers. Membership is open to all, with an affordable fee of just $5, enabling active participation in a wide range of impactful projects.

For more information about the MCMH Auxiliary and how you can get involved, please visit www.mcmh.org/mcmh-auxiliary.


Pictures in above photo: (left to right) Shirley Koppen, Auxiliary President; Diane Sifford, Auxiliary Treasurer; Ron Kloewer, MCMH + Clinics CEO; Teresa Jennings, RN & Emergency Department Manager; Laura Kinnison, RN; Lori Glassel, RN.

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