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June 25, 2024

"I walked into this hospital Friday afternoon a very, very sick girl. Also, the last three weeks, I had been struggling with another issue in life. A person in the ER was assisting the doctor and nurses. They knew what that other issue was by looking at my chart or maybe I told them. They were so very respectful, caring and understanding. They did not judge me. They gave me the respect everyone deserves. They took a few minutes and stopped to listen and talk with me. They went out of their way to make me comfortable. They did admit me Friday night. With that all being said. I did walk out of the hospital on Saturday morning around 1:00am. So Saturday morning I find out the medicine I was prescribed couldn’t be picked up until Monday morning. So sitting this (today) Saturday morning, being so sick still, didn’t know what I was going to do. Knowing, I wouldn’t make it till Monday. All the sudden my phone rings and it was them. They had found out by returning to work today that I had walked out. They were very concerned and was calling to tell me they transferred my medicine to Medi Cap because they were open today.  They possibly could of save my life. In fact, they did because I know me and how I always get so sick fast. Couldn’t have made it without them. So, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for the caring and respect all people deserve. Need more people like you. Thank you!!"

"They’re kind, efficient, compassionate. Their wisdom and desire to always listen to their patients is impressive. Thank you for your excellence."

"They’re a familiar face each time anyone in my family has to have a procedure done, they’re the one who calls to give instructions and glad to answer questions. They meet us with a smile and very helpful at all times. They’ve been a nurse and hardworking and dedicated for many years and is deserving of being recognized for their expertise and calm manner of making the patient feel more comfortable. They have a great sense of humor and is so kind to everyone. I hope you consider them for their great award."

"My wife and I got to meet after my procedure. When I woke up, they were the first smiling face I saw. They were so nice and caring. We enjoyed talking with them and they explained instructions very clearly. It so great to have kind, patient and compassionate people taking care of you."

"They lit up the room as soon as they walked thru the door. They have such an outgoing and fun personality! My anxiety left and I felt so comfortable and relaxed. Their ability to explain and comfort and still be so professional is incredible. I am a very hard stick and they took the time to find my good veins and got my IV in on the first try. (Never happens)  Extraordinary prior to my surgery they had administered my antibiotic thru my IV. While we were chatting about the procedure they noticed I was becoming ill from the medication they immediately stopped my IV, got me a vomit bag and a cold cloth on my neck. They knew right away what was happening with me. I am very thankful for their quick actions and the fact they knew just through my body language I was becoming sick. They’re an asset to the team they work with- (they all communicate so well) they stop and listen to their patients and is very understanding and is so easy to connect with!"

"They did a great job putting in my IV. It was put in before I knew it. Really appreciate that as I have a hard time with needles. Everyone did a great job in helping me. Very friendly and upbeat. Thank you!"

"I entered the emergency department at MCMH in the middle of a raging blizzard. From the moment my wife and I came through the door, we were treated with kindness and respect. My condition was severe, painful cellulitis. I was examined and admitted as an inpatient.

Due to the worsening weather conditions, a good friend arrived later to take my wife home while they could still get through the snowdrifts. My car remained in the parking lot

I want to express my thanks and gratitude to the entire staff at the hospital. I received excellent care while I was a patient from January 12-15, 2024. During that time, it was necessary for several of the staff members to spend the night at the hospital due to the ongoing hazardous snowstorm that has blocked roads. They did what they had to do without complaints while caring for all the patients.

Thanks to the excellent care I received from all staff members, I gradually improved. There was a very special RN who was assigned to my case. They took time and care to get to know me and they always let me know what was going on with my condition. 
On a bitterly cold night when I’d had no visitors due to the storm, I was alone with my thoughts. They arrived in my room with their personal laptop and asked if I would like to have it overnight so that I could watch my favorite team, the Kansas City Chiefs, in the first playoff game of the season. It would have been a very long evening doing nothing but pondering my future if they had not done favor for me. It was certainly not necessary to provide me with special entertainment that night, but they didn’t hesitate to offer it anyway. I enjoyed the game very much and it took my mind off what I was physically dealing with as a patient. 
I recovered enough to go home on my fifth day. But the weather was still well below zero could and there were huge drifts of snow everywhere even though the main road was cleared. I was determined to drive myself home to Malvern since I didn’t want my wife or friends to brave the cold and try to come get me.

My car was still in the parking lot of the Emergency entrance, so I had the means to do it, but with the cold, it was necessary to make sure it would start and continue running before I left. Instead of letting me do that, someone from the staff not only started my car, but they also put it in the maintenance garage to let it warm up completely before I left the hospital. I arrived home safe and sound that day. 

It was with a very thankful heart I nominate them for a DAISY Award. I am absolutely sure they had a guiding hand in my successful recovery every step of the way."

"On 01/18/24 I was seen in the ER after receiving a work related injury. Upon arrival I was checked in and brought to a room. They identified themself and told me what they were doing. They showed great professionalism and care in taking care of me. They were able to explain what my issue was and I was able to fully understand my aftercare instructions."

" I have been seen for several months pertaining to my injury. They have been wonderful to work with! Always friendly and has a big smile. In addition, their knowledge and care are the best. MCMH is lucky to have them on staff."

"They’re behind us, wise and the most caring nurse that I’ve ever seen."

"I came to the ER with a chemical burn and they made me feel comfortable and relaxed. They even tolerated my juvenile humor. They were informative and knowledgeable, great experience while I was in so much pain."

"These two nurses are special to me and I’m sure everyone that has been there or still going. Explaining your problems or just being quite good at their jobs. You are very lucky to have these two on your staff. They offer a welcoming atmosphere and I feel like a safe program, makes me want to keep coming back, many friendships have been created there. Thanks!"

"I came in with 2nd degree burns on my hand. They met with me weekly to make sure I healed ok and always had a smile on their face. Thanks again!"

"Every time I come into the office, they come to get me with their warm welcoming smile explains things to me in a way to me that I understand while the whole time to make me comfortable and yet does so not to feel stupid as to what they’re explaining. They always make me feel comfortable no matter how I’m feeling. How scared I might feel they helps calm me. They explain to me the shot that they are giving as well."

"My sister-in-law, is intellectually disabled. We arrived for our initial visit. They were the RN working the clinic, they were top notch. They asked Kim questions in a way that she could comprehend and was able to connect with her on a personal level, even getting her to giggle and laugh with Them. She was extremely nervous when arriving to the facility and they made her feel very comfortable quickly. Dr. was also very understanding and listened to Kim and her concerns and fears, even finding an alternate way to make Kim more comfortable with the imaging that needed to be done. Thanks to them and Dr. We look forward to you caring from Kim in the future."

"After my husbands’ stay in the hospital for heart failure. They worked closely with us to make sure we understood his med and diet. They also went over his exercises and daily care to make sure we understood home care he needed."

"They just made every time she entered the room with a smile. They made me feel comfortable. Plus, they were so comforting in my situation. It wasn’t just one situation they were like having a friend come in and made it easier to be comfortable every time they were there."


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