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Montgomery County Memorial Hospital + Clinics is now scheduling patients for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans

March 06, 2024

March 6, 2024 - Montgomery County Memorial Hospital + Clinics (MCMH + Clinics) is proud to announce that their new in-house MRI is officially fully operational and are scheduling for all patients. Although MCMH + Clinics has been actively scheduling patients for MRI scans using their newly installed in house MRI, it wasn’t until the last month the breast coil, the final specialty coil, was ready for patients.

The new MRI scanner, which was successfully lowered through the hospital's roof in a celebratory event on Oct. 17, represents the culmination of years of planning and preparation. Ron Kloewer, CEO at MCMH + Clinics, expressed excitement about the new addition, stating, "We are really proud of our new MRI. It is the largest, quietest, and newest in the area. We know it will make a difference for our patients who will no longer have to travel out of the county."

The facility has invested in several specialized coils, including breast, abdominal, head, spinal and orthopedic coils, expanding their capacity to perform specialized MRI scans that were not feasible before. This technological advancement allows MCMH + Clinics to offer enhanced diagnostic services and contribute to improved patient outcomes.

Patients have consistently reported overwhelmingly positive experiences with our new MRI services, reflecting the dedication of MCMH + Clinics to providing exceptional care. The community's enthusiasm for the expanded access to local MRI services further underscores the invaluable impact of this milestone achievement. Appointments are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm.

Karen Stirek, Director of Radiology Imaging at MCMH + Clinics, highlighted the significance of the in-house MRI services, stating, "We have a lot of MRIs that are scheduled anymore, and having our own MRI machine was a necessity to accommodate our patients. Also, it’s not just us that’s booked out, our fellow towns are booked out as well. The mobile MRI is just not as convenient for patients as it once was.”

MCMH + Clinics’ commitment to patient comfort is evident throughout the MRI process, with features such as a short magnet, wide bore for an open scanning environment, and a full audio and visual theater, funded in part by the MCMH Foundation, to promote relaxation during the procedure.

The new MRI staff includes Ashley Jones, Ashley Brown, Danette Gohlinghorst, and Michelle Olson. These individuals bring a wealth of expertise and compassion to every patient interaction. With their extensive qualifications and experience in radiology and medical imaging, coupled with their warm and friendly demeanor, patients can expect to be greeted by familiar faces and receive top-notch care throughout their MRI experience.

With the new MRI scanner now operational, MCMH + Clinics looks forward to offering comprehensive MRI services and reducing wait times for patients. For more information and updates on the new MRI scanner, please visit the MCMH + Clinics website at www.mcmh.org or contact the Community Relations Department at 712.623.6491.


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