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PETAL Award Nominations - Spring 2024

March 22, 2024

1.       Luo Holtz, the legendary American football coach, is credited with saying, “Your talent determines what you can do, your motivation determines how much you are willing to do, and your attitude determines how well you do it.”

This DAISY Award nomination for Tanya Morgan is aptly introduced by this quote as she exemplifies those three determinates. Tanya’s talent, motivation, and attitude combine to make her an exceptional nurse.

Tanya is usually the first nurse I see when I have an appointment to see my physician, Dr. William Butz. Even if I enter with a worry or a significant problem, her caring and competence combine to give me a wonderful sense of relief knowing she will see to my needs and concerns. Tanya has a fantastic ability to seemingly understand each patient’s personality and handles every interaction accordingly-all the while being unfailingly pleasant, encouraging, patient, and knowledgeable.

And she is wonderfully responsive! Whenever I find it necessary to make a phone call, she never fails to return the call quickly if she is not at her desk at the moment. She then seems to have a “super-power” to quickly connect with Dr. Butz if his input is needed to handle my request, and then takes care of whatever needs to be done to alleviate or put an end to my concern.

I am aware of the workload and responsibility carried by nurses who serve at times behind the scenes yet play such a vital role in our health care systems. It is difficult to fully express the appreciation I have for the calming and reassuring effect of individuals like Tanya who are “always there” for patients such as me. In short, Tanya is a perfect role model for what patients would hope to see in a nurse.

Emerson summed it up: “Without ambition, one start nothing. Without work, one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You must earn it.”

Along with so many others, I have been the beneficiary of Tanya having had the ambition to pursue her nursing career and the diligence and caring she shows as she practices her profession. Tanya Morgan would be richly deserving of this recognition.


2.       Tanya was incredibly patient during my son’s unscheduled, Friday afternoon flu shot visit. He was very anxious and changed his mind many times about how he wanted to sit, when he was ready to start and the other choices she offered to try to calm his fears. She never got frustrated with him and even educated him on the importance of protecting his elderly family members as well as himself. As a mom, it is always a relief to talk with Tanya when I have concerns. She has the perfect balance of taking your concerns seriously but not causing any further anxiety or alarm.


3.       First, she is competent. Where many others have had to try four or more times, she is successful in finding a vein with one pinch. Second, she is very friendly. She remembers my name and always has a pleasant smile. She, as well as her colleagues in the office acts like I am doing her a favor by coming for a visit. Because I often sleep late in the mornings, I always request an afternoon appointment. She and her colleagues are happy to accommodate me. Because of Melody and others in her office, I look forward to my 3 week visits. I happily anticipate her smiling face! She is always ready to meet my needs. For many months Melody has gone beyond expectations to comfort and treat me.


4.       Taylor Kaiser-I was seen in the ER on 01/18/24 after a work-related injury while being treated by Taylor was great assistant to the nurse and appeared to me to be very knowledgeable and her and the nurse worked well as a team. I have been treated before at other hospitals and the staff didn’t compare to the teamwork and competency as the staff that took care of me on 01/18/24.


5.       I was recently admitted to MCMH following an emergency department consultation. I spent five days from January 12 through January 15, 2024, in the hospital under the excellent care of all the staff. Everyone there was kind, helpful, considerate, and respectful. I have only the highest compliments for the care and support I received during my staff.

The severity of the cellulitis I was admitted for was complicated by other physical issues that I have experienced for many years along with a recent diagnosis of diabetes. Although I had wonderful care from every level of staff, from P.A. services to the cleaning staff, there was an outstanding level of care shown to me by one of the dieticians. Brenda Shannon visited my mom several times to discuss any problems or questions I had regarding my diet for diabetes. She offered to help with my acquiring a CGM device to monitor my blood sugar levels and arranged a time when I could come to the hospital later for further education and assistance. Since she lives in the same town as I do, she even offered to come to my home for further education if I needed it. She went above and beyond what was required to help me. Because of that, I would like to nominate Brenda Shannon for the PETAL Award at MCMH.

Overall, my care at the hospital could not have been more compassionate and professional. I was never left to wonder what was going on with my condition. Each day there were nurses, therapists, CNA’s and a host of others who helped me recover as quickly as possible. I am grateful to all for what they do every day.


6.       I have been going to Physical Therapy for several months and I have seen Kaleb. He has been wonderful, encouraging and instructive. He was so positive, and we really wow some. It helps me relax and trust them. Kaleb is very compassionate and wonderfully skilled. I’m making progress and will miss him when I’m done. I have also observed Kaleb when he was working with other patients, I see the same care and professional treatment for all his patients. He gives clear instructions and encouragement with we succeed. The entire department is friendly, helpful, and considerate. I truly appreciate them all. Kaleb Richter deserves to be recognized for his work.


7.       When we were down two people in our department, Dick was always there to pick up the slack for us and if we need a day off Dick is there to volunteer to take that shift for us. It’s great to have Dick on our team. I think Dick need to be nominated for this award.


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